Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!

Oh boy...

So, I was immediately M.I.A again after the first disappearance due to our Europe trip back in the summer. But this time, it wasn't such a pleasant one... My laptop went into a coma after an attack of trojans, malwares & who-knows-what, even though the only porn I ever went to look at, was the ones on Tastespotting & Foodgawker... I was lucky enough to get tremendous help from a couple of friend, who backed up everything I had, then proceeded to wipe out the whole thing & gave my precious a new life. Cheers!!!!

It took a while, but Tramie's Kitchen is back!!!! Technically, the kitchen never shut down, but that's just too many details... I'm just excited to be back and share my yakking & goodies. Yay!!!!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and it would only be appropriate for me to post something that has to do with it, right? So here is my share of ghouly, gross & weird-looing cupcakes for this wonderful day.

All cupcakes are chocolate, and frosted with cream cheese base frostings that come in various flavors:

Jack, from Nightmare Before Christmas, is covered in Lemon cream cheese frosting and melted dark chocolate.

Owl, is frosted with Dark Chocolate cream cheese and Peanut Butter cream cheese, decorated with mini Oreos, yellow Cry Baby candies, and split Toasted Marshmallow Jelly Beans.

Pumpkin, is frosted with Peanut Butter crweam cheese, Green Tea cream cheese, melted Dark Chocolate. The spaced-out looking spider is made out of fondant, cut Red Licorice Wheels and White Chocolate pellets.

Pumkin is made of fondant, and the basket is Green Tea cream cheese frosting.

Mummy: Lemon Cream cheese Frosting with eyes made from yellow colored White chocolate pellets.

And the obvious Eyeball of Lemon cream cheese & veins of Peanut Butter cream cheese frosting. Topped with an eye of Green Apple Gummy Ring and a Dark Chocolate pellet.

So what are you serving for your Halloween party?


Anonymous said...

i love itttt trammie! the eyeball looks delicious

Justin said...

very cool photos... and yeah, i'd wondered if you'd quit the blogging thing or what.

Jessica said...

I LOVE THE JACK CUPCAKE! My sister would love it even more! She's a HUGE fan of the Nightmare Before Christmas and has a lot of movie paraphernalia! I'm definitely going to make this cupcake next year!

"Tramie" said...

U can always make them for Xmas!!! it'll still be fitting with theme!

Jessica said...

Good call Tramie! I think I may make them for Christmas! They're so adorable! AND appropriate for 2 holidays! :)