Saturday, November 14, 2009

A sweet goodbye

-Grandma, there you are!!!!!!!! Good morning grandma!!!!!!!

-Oh good morning my lovely bunch! Did you have sweet dreams????

-Yes grandma, sweet sweet dreams. What are you doing here staring out the window?

-Well, my darlings, I have been preparing myself for the trip ahead. The time has come for me, your parents, uncles and aunts to get on the road, and be useful for a dinner of friends and family. Something we were born to do.

-We don't get it... You are leaving us?

-*sigh* Oh I will miss you children! You see, we were all born for a reason, and one day, you will know what your purpose in life is. On that day, you will become the talk of the table. They will know that your legend is real. And you, just like me, will carry on our family tradition of great reputation.

-WOW!!!! Tell us more, grandma!!!

-You see, we are from a family of proud fruit tarts. We carry within us sweet luscious vanilla pastry cream. We display with extravagance, our arrays of colorful fresh fruit that come with each season of the year. Above it all, we never disappoint with our slightly sweet, buttery melt-in-their-mouth shells with the secret layer of dark chocolate.

-Awesome!!! You mean, we will get to do the same thing as you one day???

-Of course my sweets! You will be the adorable bites that they will "Oooh!" and "Aaaaw!" over at the potluck, or the work lunch gathering. You will see, the light will shine upon you, and you will know, that your name will live forever.


Lila said...

Very lovely story!
And the sweets look delicious!

VeggieGirl said...

Aww, so beautiful!