Tuesday, November 3, 2009

There's a first time for everything

I did it! I played with fondant!!! It was so much fun and I think I will do it again *gasp* LOL!!!

The cake was for a friend's bridal shower/bachelorette party, and I wanted it to be different than the ones I've seen. As it was going to be the first time I experiment with fondant, I decided a ring-bearer pillow would be an easier choice for shape and so on...

(image from http://www.joyfulbrideonline.com/)

My so-called interpretation

As we arrived at the restaurant/lounge, the manager informed us that we were not allowed to bring a cake, even though when we called to reserve, they said it would not be a problem.

I hate it when that happens... We felt tricked! (Even with the purchase of a VERY expensive bottle of vodka for the table a couple of hours later, they still didn't budge. They did however, "kindly" let us put sparkles on the cake, showed it to the bride-to-be and then put it back in the box, LOL!!!! Pppfff... )

In the end, what really counts was my friend liking the cake very much.

It didn't turn out exactly as I wanted, due to many things... I tried to make the ring to place on top of the "pillow" but 1) it kept breaking 2) I somehow in a moment of A.D.D decided to dismiss buying the silver luster dust and stuck with the bronze one instead... the result was a pinkish shine, oh brother...

So, see as I'm partially satisfied with the result, I will have to invent a special occasion to make another fondant-covered cake soon... Any idea?


Mezzo said...

Ton g√Ęteau est malade-mentalement beau. J'en reviens pas !

Anonymous said...

mmmmmmmmmmmmm i`m eating a slice as im writing! yum! that is one tasty cake!
love it!! love u!

La Table De Nana said...

It is absolutely unforgettably adorable.