Sunday, October 5, 2014

Gluten-free biryani and carrot fritters

You know when you have leftovers and it's just a cup of this and a cup of that? Things that you can't exactly serve to anyone but yourself, standing eating at the kitchen counter?

All. The. Time.

This week, my friend's wife sent me a tupperware of chicken biryani and I liked it so so SO MUCH that I ate just a few spoonful at a time until I realized that I didn't have enough left for a meal.

Desperate, I raided the fridge and BOOM! Magic.

I don't know about your fridge but I think mine is a magic box. Whenever I am at the end of the food rope, I just need to stick my head in there and all kinds of fun ideas pop up.

So here we go, enjoy these fritters because I did. I actually had to portion it to not eat the whole batch.

(Biryani) Rice and carrot fritters

- 1.5 cup of biryani or plain cooked rice.
-3 medium carrots, shredded, squeezed well
-3 eggs
-1 Tbsp curry powder (more if you have plain rice)
-3 Tbsp minced mint leaves
-salt and pepper to taste
-coconut oil for the pan

Mint yogurt sauce

-1/2 Cup plain yogurt
-1 Tbsp minced mint leaves
-1 tsp lemon juice
***For sauce, mix all ingredients together.

Mix all fritters ingredients together. Heat a small knob of coconut oil in pan over medium heat. Drop a few tablespoons of mixture and fry a few minutes each side until golden. Serve warm with mint yogurt sauce.

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