Thursday, May 28, 2009

The love lobster

One 15-minute wait in an empty metro station, one static intercom announcement, one 40-minute wait for a ghost bus, one rain pour and finally one 30-minute walk later, I was finally home to be greeted by a nice red lobster at the dinner table. My mom is the best!

This was worth ever minute spent outside in the freezing weather so-called spring. Worth both strands of hair that were caught in the umbrella and ripped out. Worth the hunger cramp that I always get right after every Pilates class.

Yup, it was worth all the little annoyance I stumbled upon just to get home today. Not the lobster, but my loved ones whom I can be silly dramatic with and vent to about everything. In moments like this, I realize even more how lucky I am and how great I have it compared to a lot of people. The second I got home, I felt like I shed a layer of yuckiness and I was immediately no longer irritated.

But the lobster was a definite bonus. These guys are so big when in season, I'm ok with eating just one a year (Ok, so maybe two or three if they weren't so year-round expensive...)

A lot of people like eating their lobster with butter and lemon, but I cannot deny my typical Vietnamese condiment: chili lime salt & pepper. Very straight forward: 1 part salt, 2 part pepper, a few squeezes of lime (or lemon) and optional chopped chili. (You can use this for other things like grilled beef brochettes, roasted chicken, pork, or shrimp. It's yummy!!!!)

It's still raining like mad outside, and it's still very cold for end of May. My heart goes out to all of the people out there who don't have love in their lives, who don't have dinner waiting for them at home, or don't even have a home to go back to.

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