Thursday, May 14, 2009

Prosciutto wrapped Ataulfo mango or pear, with blue cheese & basil

When I gave my dad a bite of this, he decided that he needed to pour a glass of wine to fully enjoy it. That's when I know it's good, because my dad, whom I consider a picky eater, made his way up the stairs for just three pieces of "amuse-bouche"

I made a pear version and a mango version. The pear one was crunchy, with a refreshing burst of juice. The mango had a more pronounced sweetness and so it gave more of a contrast when bitten into.

It's like having all your food groups in one bite, it's awesome:
  • Vegetables: basil
  • Fruit: mango or pear
  • Meat: prosciutto
  • Dairy: blue cheese
I also like to switch up with goat cheese & figs when they are in season... Hmmm... fiiiigssss...

Finish with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar and a crack of pepper, and you're good to go grab a glass of red with your dad in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

As I was reading the blog, I felt as though I was there biting into it...mmmm...that is my kind of apetizer or anytime snack!

Justin said...

i like that mango & blue cheese combination -- very curious to try it