Monday, May 11, 2009

Birthday cake pops

I made these cake pops my cousin's bf K's birthday. Of course, totally inspired by the amazing Bakerella. She always has such crazy great ideas, it's awesome! (THANK YOU BAKERELLA!!!)

Her basic cake pops are made with: one 13x9 cake, made from cake mix as according to instruction on box; 1 can frosting (16 oz) Candy melts (1 lb package)

I used what I had on hand and made 40 pops total:
  • 9x9 chocolate ricotta cake (I made this a couple of weeks ago, only used half of it & so I stored the rest in the freezer & thawed it 1 hour in the plastic wrap before I started the pops)
  • 1 pkg cream cheese (8oz)
  • White chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Lollipop sticks
  • A big block of styro-foam so you can stick the pops in to dry
Mash the cake up into bits & crumbs. Soften the cream cheese and mix into the cake with your hand really well so that it adheres when formed into little balls.

Insert lollipop sticks. Put in fridge to keep firm while melting white chocolate in a double-boiler over very low heat, because white chocolate is capricious & it will be ruined if the heat is too high.

Take the "naked" cake pops & dip into the white chocolate. Wait for them to dry, then do the same with the dark chocolate, if you'd like.

I decorated the pops with numbers for every year that is K's age. Since he's not so old, I had left over pops to play with.

I hope K & my cousin like them :) But like I said, if they're not his taste, at least there is the love.


oneordinaryday said...

Looks great!

Bakerella said...

Cute… i like the piping!


Latrice said...

How cute are these...I will have to try and emulate these little cuties for my birthday next month...thanks so much for share!

Jana said...

Hi my name is Mia, I'm nine years old and my mommy gave me her permission to post this comment on your blog. I think birthday cake pops are the best idea ever! I think my mom and I will be making them for tenth birthday in August! Thank you so much for posting this recipe! I think my friends will love these little pops! :)

"Tramie" said...

Hi Mia! Thank u for writing me! I really appreciate it. I'm sure you're gonna have so much fun making them & eating them, and especially when you share them, your friends will be so happy!!!

carrie @ bloomacious said...

those are just crazy cute! we posted a link to them on on our foodie page. love!

"Tramie" said...

OMG thank u Carrie!!! I adore Bloomacious!!!! What an honor! :D

Cam said...

Oh my gosh, I love how precise and pretty the decorating is! They look so adorable :) I know this comment is horrendously late haha; I got here through a search on Tastespotting for cake pops.

Cam said...

Hi Tramie, I hope it isn't annoying that I'm commenting again. I decided I would really like to try learning how to ice/pipe little decorations like you did on these pops; I know it's a bother, but would you mind briefly telling me how you did it and what you used as icing for the little swirls, dots, and numbers? It kinda looks like chocolate in the pictures but I'm not sure how one would pipe that onto the pops. Sorry for the bother again, any help would be much appreciated! :)

"Tramie" said...

Hi Cam!!! It's not a bother AT ALL, really! I'm more than happy to tell u in detail how I proceed. I just hope that I'll be as clear as I can.

Yes, everything u see here as decoration on the pop is chocolate: white, dark and a mix of both (as u can see with the numbers)

For piping, I used a ziplock bag and snipped off the corner a little bit. But if u have a piping bag and a fitted small tip, it might be easier.

For the swirl, I piped with 1 hand and held the pop by the stick in the other hand, horizontally, while slowly twirling it.

For the numbers, I had the pops standing up on the styrofoam block, and piped with one hand supporting the other bcuz it was in mid-air. Then took them off of the block and did the dots the same way I did the swirl, holding the pop in the other hand.

I really hope my explanation help u. If there is anything else you wanted to know, please don't hesitate to write me again, seriously!!!

Have a great day!!!!

Cam said...

Thanks so much for detailing how you did it! So you have the bag in one hand and the pop in the ot her?

Wow, it sounds complicated haha. I'm sure it will seem less so after a bit of practice. I'm just worried about the chocolate dripping or being uncontrollable or something and just making a huge mess!

Does it drip when you aren't squeezing it? Or is the hole like really really tiny so it only comes out when you squeeze? And I guess you don't put a lot of chocolate into the bag, to make it more manageable with one hand? Sorry I have so many questions!

"Tramie" said...

Hi Cam! Well, I usually put about 1/4 cup of melted chocolate in the bag at a time, and snip it just about a milimeter at the corner. When ur not squeezing the bag, just place it down on a flat surface and keep the snipped corner upward, just in case :) Try piping some free hand stuff on a parchment paper just to see how comfortable you are with it. Practice makes perfect! :) Let me know when u make it and post pics on ur blog!!!

Anonymous said...
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