Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend breakfast

I'm a fan of breakfast food. I can eat breakfast anytime of the day. Although technically, it's a loophole in the system for me, since in Vietnam, breakfast can range from "xôi" (sticky rice) "Phở" (Tonkinese soup) to pan-fried eggs with drizzles of Maggi or "cháo" (rice porridge) with seafood and/or pork.

This passed Saturday morning wasn't a relaxing one for me, so breakfast was just another bowl of cereal & fruits. I ate quickly so I could run around making two different birthday cakes. By the time I had some time to spare, I was still too full, so I made the usual weekend breakfast for just the BF.

No, I didn't make "Phở" nor "xôi", unfortunately. Just a no-fuss prosciutto omelette, with a couple of pinches of black pepper. Along side a few slices of crackly warm baguette & a cup of blueberries & raspberries. Had it not been for the BBQ we were going to, I'd have thrown in some of the 2 year-aged cheddar and a side of pâté for his spreading needs, and he would have been full until supper time, LOL!!!!

This is definitely a no-recipe post, because we obviously all know how to make an omelette, right? I mean, even my dad can do it! (He would always say that he knows how to cook four things: eggs boiled, sunny-side up, over-easy or omelette) I'm hoping it's more of an inspirational post that will trigger fun ideas, in case you were hungry and wanted breakfast food for dinner :)


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Justin said...

wait, so you make pho at home?

"Tramie" said...

Justin: ya, I've made the quick version bc I didn't have time to tend after the pot for 24 hrs LOL! But my mom's pho rocks! And so loved!