Sunday, May 2, 2010

Lactose-free *KBAM!* fruit mix gelato

There are many happy moments in life. From big moments like becoming a home owner, to medium moments like getting a discount on a great pair of shoes, to little moments like eating ice cream on a sunny day, or any day for that matter (I'm easily amuse, what can I say...)

Then there are sad moments...  From losing someone you love, to seeing a baby bird with a clipped wing, to hearing someone say: "Oh... no ice cream for me, I'm lactose intolerant..."

In those lactose related moments, I always feel a little bad that I'd be enjoying my cone of ice cream in the person's face. So the other day, while pondering about such matters, I wondered why they don't make lactose-free ice cream, or at least gelato, since gelato is made with milk and there is definitely lactose-free milk. Maybe the demand isn't high enough?

Whatever the reason may be, I've got a recipe for you if you are in a rut with milk... KBAM! Actually, that  just stands for Kiwi, Banana, Avocado, Mango and the ! is really just my excitement expressed in writing. LOL!!!

Lactose-free *KBAM!* fruit gelato
(makes about 3-4 cups) 
Fruit mixture
  • 1 Ataulfo mango, ripe, chopped
  • 5 kiwis, chopped (3 for the blending and 2 for added chunks)
  • 1 avocado, ripe, chopped
  • 1 medium banana, ripe, chopped
  • a splash of lemon juice
  • 1 Tbsp maple syrup
  • 1-3 tbsp milk (to make the blending easier on your machine, lactose-free in this case)
Blend everything except for 2 kiwis, in a blender. Place in fridge to cool for a few hours. Put the rest of the chopped kiwi in the freezer.

  • 2 eggs, whole
  • 1 egg yolk
  • 1/3 - 1/2 cups sugar (depend on how sweet u like it)
  • 1 cup milk 2% (lactose-free in this case)
Whisk eggs and sugar together until blended. Add milk and stir well. Put mixture into a pot over low heat, cook and stir constantly until mixture is a custard (check that it coats the back of the spoon) Remove and cool completely.

Mix custard and fruit thoroughly, then cool again in the fridge for at least a couple of hours or over night. Then churn in ice cream maker as according to manufacturer's  instruction.  At the last 5 minutes of churning, throw in the frozen kiwi chunks.

Freeze your ice cream until ready to enjoy.

The result is a creamy, fruity, satisfying concoction that won't be stomach-stabbing. The best part for me in all this is to hear: "I was perfectly fine after eating it!!!!"

I will be trying out other flavors soon, so keep an eye out! Let's get together to save lactose intolerant people, one spoon of gelato at a time ;)

P.S: Here is a peek into my latest cakes :D You may also check them out on my Flickr page here!!!!


Anonymous said...

We're left to presume that the milk is of the lactose free variety?

"Tramie" said...

Ooh yes, my bad, the milk is lactose-free :) Gonna change it right now. Thanks!!!

RN said...

looks yummy! my husband is lactose intolerant. Breyers brand ice cream makes one flavor lactose free and its the same price as all the other ones. also Lactaid brand makes ice cream as well. But i've only seen it at one store where i live.

Anonymous said...

hi tramie, as i live in austalia and my daughter is lactose intolerant,i have had a devil of a time trying to find icecream for her,as the major brands don't make it i have been resigned to the fact that nobody cares about us. I have even tried to find an icream maker for her to make the icecream but so far no luck. Please help as there is not many things that she can have.dimenif

"Tramie" said...

hello anonymous from Australia!!! you don't need an ice cream maker, just lactose free milk, fruit, a whisk, a lot of patience and love. after you have the mixture (that would usually be thrown into the ice cream maker) put it in a baking pan or smt shallow, then beat mixture every 30 minutes over a period of 3 hours, making sure to break the ice crystak, and all should be well!!!

i hope that helped? if not, pls dont hesitate to ask me more!!!